Zentrum für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie


Research Area : Plant cellular stress response signalling and molecular biophysics


We are investigating cellular signalling events in response to abiotic environmental challenges in plants. Currently running projects focus on the assessment of indicator proteins usable to non-invasively quantify anions flux, pH changes, calcium release, and shifts of other cellular and subcellular parameters, relevant for cellular signal transduction.


Research Profile

Plant cell biology, Plant Physiology, Calcium Signaling, ROS signalling and antioxidative defense, cellular redox regulation, Membrane ion transport, abiotic stress response, salt stress, Cold response, Photosynthesis, Graviperception and gravitropism.


Concept & Idea:

Cellular signaling networks forming plant responses caused by abiotic stimuli or by environmental challenges.


Material & Methods:

Fluorescent proteins, GFP, luciferases, Aequorin, Recombinant Fusion Proteins, Fluorescein derivatives, transgenic reporter plants expressing fluorescent and luminescent indicator proteins, Molecular cloning, Recombinant protein expression, Protein purification, UV-VIS spectroscopy, Fluorescence microscopy and ratio imaging, FRET-Analysis, Bioluminescence, luminometry, time kinetics analyses, amperometric oxygen recording